Terms & Conditions

Arranged Tour Contract Agreement

Juba Royal Travel is a tour and travel agency based in Juba,
South Sudan whose offices are located at the Crown Hotel Reception reachable at
jubaroyaltravel@gmail.com  or by calling  the office line at +211 926 108 110. As such, this document explains the
terms and conditions that are subject to the laws and regulations pertinent to
the country’s jurisdiction.

This Agreement made on the given day of month of the current
year when juba royal travel services are accessed validated by our booking
platform or directly by our Juba Royal Travel’s sales personnel between: 

(1) The agent Juba Royal Travel &

(2) The traveler(s) or legal person(s), that is, a company
or business.

The Purpose of this Agreement is to specify that the agent
herein Juba Royal Travel is authorised and commissioned by the traveler or
legal person to act on their behalf in making the requisite arrangements so
that the Traveler can receive services for visa acquisition, transportation, accommodation,
insurance and any other services merited for the predetermined itinerary within
the agreed upon stipulated period.

In addition, this legal document delineates the course of
action upon extensions and cancellations, as well as, special requirements such
as vaccinations or quarantine, accepted means of payment and expected
surcharges and commissions. These specifics shall also include minimum payable
deposits and due date before the commencement of any responsibilities for the
services required.

General Provisions

1.      An “Arranged Tour Contract” means a contract
under which Juba Royal Travel, commissioned by the Traveler, undertakes arrangements
so that the Traveler can receive services for immigration checks, transportation,
accommodation, insurance and any other relevant services hereinafter referred
to as “Travel Services” by acting as a representative agent on behalf
of the Traveler.

2.   References hereby made to, “Domestic
Travel” means travel only within South Sudan and “Overseas
Travel” means travel other than Domestic Travel.

3.      A “Travel Fee” as set forth here means
a charge which the Juba Royal Travel pays to transportation/accommodation
facilities, etc., such as a fare, accommodation charges, etc., and the
prescribed travel business handling fee of the Juba Royal Travel (excluding a
fee for procedures for making a change as well as that for making a
cancellation) in order for Juba Royal Travel to make arrangements for Travel

4.      A Fiscal Contract “as expressed herein refers to
international banking and money transfer services such as Mpesa, World Remit,
Send Wave, Western Union as well as credit or debit card holdings like Visa or
MoneyGram that Juba Royal Travel shall expressly accept for remittance of

5.      A “Communication’s Contract” as stated
in this part means an Arranged Tour Contract which Juba
Royal Travel concludes via services of a third party hereinafter referred to as
the “Affiliated party” in accordance with an application made by telephone,
mail, facsimile, or any other means of communication with which the Traveler
agrees in advance to settle any credit or debt of Juba Royal Travel in respect
of the Traveler concerning payment of the Travel Fee, etc. The fulfilment of said
Travel fee being based on the date set forth or after which such credit or debt
should be settled in accordance with the Arranged Tour Contract rules that Juba
Royal Travel separately established, and with which the traveler pays the
Travel Fee, etc.

6.      An “Electronic Acceptance Notice” as
stated in this part means a notice of acceptance with respect to an application
for a contract which is sent by, among various methods using information and
communications technology, the method of transmission on the telecommunications
line connecting the computer, facsimile machine, telex or telephone (hereinafter
referred to as “Computer, etc.”) used by Juba Royal Travel and the
Computer, etc., used by the Traveler.

7.      “Card Use Day” as stated in these General
Provisions means the day on which the Traveler or legal person should pay the
Travel Fee, etc., or settle the refund debts in accordance with the Arranged
Tour Contract.


Article I, Entry into Effect of Contract Agreement

Application of a Contract

1.       A Traveler who intends to conclude an Arranged Tour Contract with the Juba Royal Travel must enter the prescribed matters in an application form prescribed by Juba Royal Travel and submit it together with the application fee, the amount of which shall be separately specified by the Juba Royal Travel.

2.       Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, a Traveler who intends to pay via international debit or credit card to fulfil a Fiscal Contract with Juba Royal Travel must notify and provide his/her details and the contents of Travel Services which he/she intends to request.

3.        The application fee alluded in no. 1 will be treated as part of the Travel Fee, as well as specify cancellation, extension or any other money which the Traveler should pay to the Juba Royal travel.

4.       These above-mentioned terms of payment in no. 3 will clarify that all booking details should be sent to the Juba Royal travel before the final confirmation.

5.       The agent Juba Royal Travel reserves the right to alter or cancel the booking due to any contraventions of the governing legislation or improprieties in fulfilling the assignment of the contract.

6.       Matters which are not provided for in the formerly quoted General Provisions shall be governed by the laws, ordinances, regulations and generally established (Standard Practice).


Article II, Completion of Obligations Concerning Arrangements

1.       When Juba Royal Travel has made arrangements for Travel Services under proper oversight and due diligence, the performance of Juba Royal Travel’s obligations based on the Arranged Tour Contract is deemed completed.

2.       Accordingly, even if Juba Royal Travel was unable to conclude a contract with transportation/accommodation facilities, etc., for providing Travel Services due to a reason of being full, suspension of business, conditions being unsuitable, etc.., the Traveler has to pay to Juba Royal Travel its prescribed travel business handling fee hereinafter referred to as the “Handling Fee”.

3.       If Juba Royal Travel has fulfilled its obligations. If a Communications Contract has been concluded, the Card Use Day shall be on the day that Juba Royal Travel has notified the Traveler to the effect that the fiscal contract of remittance for full payment has been received.

4.       An Arranged Tour Contract enters into effect when the Company has agreed to conclude it and has received the application fee referred to in no. 1, Article 1.

5.       Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding no. 4, Article 2, a Communications Contract enters into effect when the Company has sent a notice of accepting the application referred to in no. 1, Article 1.

6.       However, in case of sending an Electronic Acceptance Notice under that contract, such contract comes into effect when such notice has reached the Traveler.


Article III, Confirmed Contract Document

1.       Promptly after an Arranged Tour Contract has come into effect, the Company shall issue to the Traveler a document mentioning the itinerary, the contents of Travel Services, the Travel Fee, and other conditions for the tour, as well as matters concerning the Company’s responsibility hereinafter referred to as a “Contract Document”.

2.       If a Contract Document referred to in the first sentence of the preceding Paragraph has been issued, the scope of the Travel Services for which Juba Royal Travel is obligated to make arrangements under the Arranged Tour Contract is subject to what is mentioned in such Contract Document.

3.       The Contract Document shall feature all the extraneous details including the itinerary, the contents of Travel Services such as provisions for Train; (Rental/Bus); Ferry/Air Tickets, Insurance, Translator/Guide, Security/Protection, Accommodation Coupons, the Travel Fee and other conditions for the tour.

4.       Juba Royal Travel shall also require the Traveler to provide an essential medical profile to be attached to the Contract Document detailing medical history, allergens, pre-existing conditions, blood-group and any rare or life-sustaining prescriptions such as epi-pens insulin shots for diabetics. These personal case-by-case characteristics to be included in the Travel Services emergency kit planning to indemnify the Traveler from a lack of life-saving interventions. This extra information suffices hereinafter referred to in this Article as “Matters To Be Mentioned”.

5.       In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, a file containing the Matters To Be Mentioned is to kept in the Computer used by the Traveler while a copy limited to a file that is only used for the Traveler will be kept in Juba Royal Travel’s Computer with confirmation that the Traveler has read the Matters To Be Mentioned.

6.       These Matters To Be Mentioned constitute the Traveler’s Biometric Medical History that shall be protected under (see) Juba Royal Travel Privacy Policy and will only be shared with a relevant third party in the event of life-saving interventions. Subsequently, it shall be purged upon the end of Travel Services provision.


Article IV, Limited Liability 

 1.     Any damage to property or persons resultant during the course of the arranged tour caused by the Traveler is not covered under the Contract Document and thus, compensation obligations shall be upon the Traveler unless otherwise stated in the Insurance portion of the Travel Services listed under the Contract Document issued by Juba Royal Travel.