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We offer a broad range of products and services designed for the best travel experience.

Air Ticket Issuance

We provide you with the easiest way to find the best flight deals. Check with us for the best deals on domestic and international flights

Travel Document Assistance

We ensure that your travel documents remain valid and take care of your documentation on both entry and exit. Try us today for the best professional services.

Hotel Booking

We offer comprehensive access to hotel bookings, lodges, resorts, camps within East Africa at competitive rates.

Travel Planning

At Juba Royal Travel, we offer personalized travel arrangements saving you the hustle while allowing you to concentrate on more important issues.

Cargo Handling Services

Juba Royal travel is built on strong ethics and aviation background making us your trusted parcel and cargo handlers as your items are safely and timely delivered to their intended destination. Our Cargo Handling Service’s strength lies with our employees' dedication to ensuring that customer-first service is provided at all times. Our management has collective experience in the air freight industry transporting and delivering goods at different locations.

Work Permit Processing

We organize the necessary documents and reach out to relevant authorities in the country on your behalf to process your permit in time.

Experianced Team

We have invested in human resources and chosen a team of experienced travel consultants.

Excellent Support

Our support does not stop at the office after payments are made, we extend the same up to your destination.

Excellent Standard

You will always get VIP treatment when you choose Juba Royal Travel.

Cost Effective

We provide competitive rates for all fares and services.

vip service

Juba Royal Travel was founded in 2016 and has achieved high standards in the travel industry, can truly be described as one of the leading travel agencies in the region.

We are looking forward to continuing on our successful course as we move dynamically into the future, setting as a goal the development of our network and the expansion of activities.

Having acquired a deep understanding of the expectations of reliable services at destinations, as well as the travel demands of the VIPs and of the business executives, our discrete and specialized VIP department, provides very distinctive services with the right solutions, at competitive air fares, flexible itineraries, hotel accommodation and all kinds of
arrangements at the destination.