Air Ticket Issuance

Air Tickets

We provide you with the easiest way to find the best flight deals. Check with us for the best deals on domestic and international flights. When a person books a flight, less than 15 minutes pass between their starting to fill in the search form and a booking confirmation appearing in their mailbox. From the airline side, it involves many events and systems to issue a ticket and make sure that the right person will board the plane. In this article, we describe the flight booking pipeline and explain the main processes supporting it.

Travel Document Assistance

Travel Documents

We ensure that your travel documents remain valid and take care of your documentation on both entry and exit. . Try us today for the best professional services. Please be aware, travel documents are taking 6 months to process by the Home Office during the pandemic. If you have a compassionate reason to travel, such as illness of a relative, please bring medical evidence to the drop in and we can help you in contacting the home office to speed up your application.

Juba Royal Travel Hotel

Hotel Booking

We offer comprehensive access to hotel bookings, lodges, resorts, camps within East Africa at competitive rates. With most travelers today now booking their stays online, hotels have had to become reliant on online travel agents to deliver them reservations. Listing on them includes the benefits of reaching large, new, audiences and increasing bookings but each reservation requires a commission fee to be paid to the third-party. When this fee starts to creep up over 20%, it becomes incredibly frustrating for hotels, especially independent operators, as they see their profits melt away.

Juba Royal Travel - Air Ticketing

Travel Planning

At Juba Royal Travel, we offer personalized travel arrangements saving you the hustle while allowing you to concentrate on more important issues. Travel planning helps you prioritize and maximize your experiences. Depending on your destination, you may have a lot of attractions or just a few. Whatever there may be, prioritizing what you want to experience will play an important role in how many of these experiences you can have during your vacation.


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